Intel Compiler Suite

You will notice Multiple versions of the Intel Compiler Suite.  For the most part the only differences are improved optimizations for newer processors in the newer version of the compiler suite.  It is highly recommended to use the latest version of the compiler, but not necessary.  Our Campus Linux CLC Machines will have only the latest version.  The version on campus workstations will vary.

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Intel® Compilers help create C, C++ and Fortran applications that can take full advantage of the advanced hardware capabilities available in Intel® processors and co-processors. They also simplify that development by providing high level parallel models and built-in features like explicit vectorization and optimization reports. Learn more about the C++ and Fortran compiler below:

Intel 12.0 Development Suite


HPC Docs

Just like most software on the HPC the Intel Compiler Suite requires you to load a module in order to determine which version of the compiler suite you want to use.

Here is the list of available options for the Intel Compiler on the cluster including a brief description:

Module Name Description
intel/intel-11 The Base Intel-11 Compiler Suite without mpi libraries.
intel/intel-12 The Base Intel-12 Compiler Suire without mpi libraries.
intel/mkl-12 Intel-12 Compiler suite with Math Kernel Library Links
lammpi/intel-11 Intel-11 LAM/MPI Library integration.
lammpi/intel-12 Intel-12 LAM/MPI Library integration.
mpich2/intel-11 Intel-11 MPICH2 Library Integration
mpich2/intel-12 Intel-12 MPICH2 Library Integration
openmpi/intel-11 Intel-11 Open MPI Library Integration
openmpi/intel-12 Intel-12 Open MPI Library Integration
openmpi/mkl-12 Intel-12 Open MPI and MKL Integration

HPC Tutorials

Linux Docs

On our Campus Linux CLC systems we have the Intel-12 Compiler Suite installed as one of the default compilers so you can compile your standard C, C++ and Fortran code with icc, icpc, and ifort respectively.

Here is a sample terminal window showing code compilation:

Intel Suite Screen Shot

Linux Tutorial

Here is a full example of using Intel Fortran compiler on Linux CLC systems.

First you must create a source code file.  The screen shot below shows example code by using cat to print it to the screen.

ifort sample