Supercomputing Training Event

IT RSS held an event on Tuesday, April 2nd to discuss The Mill.

For more information, visit Supercomputing Training Event.


Accelerating Research & Innovation

IT RSS can help with the following:

  • Access, training, software configuration, consultation and troubleshooting related to high-performance computing.
  • Selection, setup and use of storage and data management resources.
  • Specialized system support for research-focused devices.
  • Specialty computing purchases, including servers, high-powered desktops, equipment, instruments and software.
  • Partnership and advocacy with researchers to expedite the acquisition of IT resources.
  • Research security consulting.
  • Consultation, access and support for computing resources with restrictive requirements like the National Institute of Standards and Technology's security requirements that protect controlled unclassified information in non-federal systems and organizations.

Advanced Research Projects

Linux Support

Grant Support


Looking for employment?

At IT RSS we are looking to hire talented individuals. Our department has a diverse set of projects and services, for that reason we seek employees from a wide variety of backgrounds.