MinerBytes Digital Signage

MinerBytes is a robust and secure digital signage solution.  Built by students, it is designed to allow departments and organizations to deliver content when and where it's needed.  Designed with organizations in mind, MinerBytes allows users to upload, share, and edit their own content easily and efficiently.


  • A variety of content options, including videos, web content, and images
  • A simple, user-friendly interface
  • Updates immediately when new content is added
  • Options to schedule specific content to only show at specific times and places
  • Cross-platform web-based software that is able to run on Windows, Mac, and Linux


MinerBytes Touch

MinerBytes Touch provides building directory and navigation information at the touch of a finger. These signs, located at the entrance to buildings or offices, are designed and programmed to increase the availability of digital pathfinding – whether a student is looking for a classroom or a visitor is looking for a faculty member’s office. 


  • Features a high quality and long life Samsung touch display
  • Displays people whose offices are located within the building or space in both visual and text-based views
  • Allows the user to sort alphabetically, by location, or by filterable tags like faculty, staff, researcher, etc.
  • Programmed pathfinding gives detailed directions on a map to navigate from screen location to the room/office selected (includes ADA-compliant paths)
  • Search bar functionality includes room numbers, people, and events
  • Editable by department/building staff trained by the MinerBytes Team
  • Operates as a typical MinerBytes display when idle

Contact the MinerBytes team at minerbytes@mst.edu for more information, to schedule a demo, or to find out how MinerBytes can help grow your organization!

If you are a MinerBytes User, click here to access the system.