MinerBytes is a robust and secure digital signage solution. RSS students selected the Raspberry Pi, a $35 credit card-sized computer, and a spare computer monitor as the entry level for hardware requirements, and designed the system so it could scale up to powerful workstations with 4K displays and beyond. The MinerBytes client is capable of delivering smooth 1080P video, YouTube content, images, web content, and more. The user friendly web-based user interface allows content to be displayed on a schedule to provide time and location sensitive information; for several signs to be grouped together in order to change all of the content at once; and can displays administrative information so that signs requiring maintenance can be found easily.

MinerBytes is cross-platform, meaning that it can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux providing not only the flexibility to run nearly everywhere but also the ability to act as a drop-in replacement for more expensive digital signage solutions. The server is housed in Missouri S&T's secure datacenter and all communications with the signs are encrypted ensuring data integrity.

MinerBytes provides a Broadcast Mode feature which allows all the signs (or a defined subset) to display the same content playlist in the event of an urgent message from campus authorities such as a schedule change at an event or emergency information.

Contact Research Support Services at itrss@mst.edu for more information, to schedule a demo, or to find out how MinerBytes can help grow your organization!

If you are a MinerBytes User click here to access the system.