Frequently Asked Cluster Questions

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the cluster.

How do I start using the Foundry cluster?

You can get started using the cluster by following our Quick Start Guide.

How do I find {insert favorite program here}?

So you try to run a program.  Let's use Molpro for this example.

$ molpro
-bash: molpro: command not found

 That's not the way it's supposed to work.  Looks like the program is not in your path. Let's check.

$ which molpro
/usr/bin/which: no molpro in (/share/apps/tecplot360/bin:/share/apps/SPIN:/share/

Yep can't find it. See the path above.  So the first thing to do is see if there is a module file needed for your application.  Many applications have multiple versions installed and require a module to be loaded in order to fucntion correctly.  To get a list of modules do the following:

$ module avail
------------------------ /usr/share/Modules/modulefiles ------------------------
dot module-info null use.own
module-cvs modules rocks-openmpi

----------------------- /share/apps/modules/modulefiles ------------------------
casino molpro/2010.1.25-serial
fluent-udf molpro/2012-para
fnl601 molpro/2012-serial
fun3d molpro/nightly-5.01.12-para
gcc/45 molpro/nightly-5.01.12-serial
gcc/46 mpb-meep
gcc/47 mpich2/gnu
intel/intel-11 mpich2/intel-11
intel/intel-12 mpich2/intel-12
lam-gnu mpich2-eth-gnu
lam-intel mpich2-eth-intel
lammpi/gnu openmpi/gcc45
lammpi/intel-11 openmpi/gcc46
lammpi/intel-12 openmpi/gcc47
lammps openmpi/gnu
lsdyna openmpi/intel-11
lustre_test openmpi/intel-12
maple-14 openmpi-gnu
maple-16 openmpi-intel
matlab-2011 pgi/pgi-11.4
molpro/2010 python-latest
molpro/2010-mpich2 qiime
molpro/2010.1.23 starccm
molpro/2010.1.25-para vulcan

From the list above you can see that there are several versions of molpro installed so just pick one and give it a try.

$ module load molpro/2010
$ which molpro

Now it finds molpro.

If the above does not work you can use the locate command to find the program you are looking for and use the direct path for the program.

$locate matlab

The only problem with the locate command is that it will return results of any file with the name matlab so you may get a lot of false listings for the program.  You must decide whether or not the results look like what you want.

How do I find answers to my other questions?

If you have a question regarding the Foundry cluster that is not answered on this site, you can visit the Foundry Wiki Page.

If these resources are not sufficient, feel free to contact Research Support Services for assistance.