Software Support

Please be patient with us as we attempt to build a new software resource library.  You will notice the tabbed content below, this will be the new structure for all of our software resouce pages.  This main software page is here to give you a quick look at what to expect on the individual Software pages.  We have tried to split our software into meaningful categories, but if you are having trouble finding help on a peice of software check out alhpabetical listing here.

  • Overview
  • HPC Docs
  • HPC Tutorials
  • Linux Docs
  • Linux Tutorials
  • Windows Docs
  • Windows Tutorials



HPC Docs

EagleCad is not installed on the HPC.

HPC Tutorials

EagleCad is not installed on the HPC.

Linux Docs

EagleCad is installed on the ECE107 CLC workstations and virtual machines.

Linux Tutorials

Windows Docs

This tab will contain Windows Specific documenation about the software title

Windows Tutorials

This tab will contain a single quickstart tutorial for using the application on our campus Windows Systems, or links to several tutorials.