IT Research Support Services Conferences

Each year IT Research Support Services attends several conferences to assist us in keeping up with current technology trends.  The largest conference that we attend is the annual SuperComputing Conference.  We also host our own Research and Technology Development conference on the campus each fall.  The images to the right link to conference websites of each conference we have hosted and or attended in the last few years.

  • Research & Technology Development
  • SuperComputing
  • GPN
  • Xsede
  • Linux Cluster Institute

Research & Technology Development




Our second conference, held on September 18th, 2012 featured our first generation data visualization platform, V4DiR.  Developed by our undergraduate student employees and was the first in a long line of experiential learning opportunities our team would pursue.  Along with V4DiR, we also had discussions on computer security, Inifiniband and our chemistry cluster.  This was also the first ever Monday night social event, that included BBQ, a car show and music provided by SUB.

Guest Speakers included:

  • Dr. Richard Dawes - Missouri S&T
  • Dr. Phillip Whitefield - Missouri S&T
  • Dr. Gary Allen - UMsystem CIO
  • Mark Fernandez - Dell
  • Dr. Dave Swanson - University of Nebraska


Originally named Research Computing Day - the first RTD was held on September 20th, 2011.  This was our first conference that featured discussions on HPC, Lustre file systems, Infiniband, LabVIEW and the state of research across the Missouri S&T campus at that time.

Guest Speakers included:

  • Dr. Richard Dawes - Missouri S&T
  • Dr. Stephen Gao - Missouri S&T
  • Dr. Wayne Huebner - Missouri S&T
  • Dr. K. Krishnamurthy - Missouri S&T
  • Jeff Layton - Dell
  • Mark Fernandez - Dell
  • Jim Gutowski - Dell



Upcoming SC14, held in New Orleans, LA, takes place Nov. 16th - 21st.  We must wait to see what innovative technology will be unveiled.


SC13 was our third visit to the supercomputing conference and our second time participating.   We teamed with the partners at GPN to build out a 6 campus, 20' x 40', display booth to show off each of the schools offerings and technologies. 


SC12 was the first time IT RSS participated in the supercomputing conference by presenting our 3D visualization tool, V4DiR, for viewing large data sets in 2D and 3D.  


IT RSS attended the SC11 conference as an attendee.  This visit set the stage for our future visits and participation in the conference.


The Great Plains Network

The Great Plains Network is a consortium of universities in the Midwest, partnering to connect our members to the National Research & Education infrastructure, including Internet2, and to facilitate the use of advanced cyberinfrastructure across the network.

IT RSS has attended the GPN Annual Meeting each May since 2012.

Past GPN events.


Xsede is a conference regarding reccent developments in the cyber field may they be new problems which arise as the field advances, new developments, and research being done.


Our employees Buddy S. and Don H. are Xsede endorsed "Campus Champions" who are our areas local contacts for information and possibilities regarding high-performance computing.

Linux Cluster Institute

Linux Cluster Institute is a well known conference from May 18-May 22 regarding knowledge, applications, and management information about high performance computing clusters.


IT RSS has attended the LCI workshop since May 2015.